Danielle’s Blog Post #3: Q2

Mikhail Bakunin sure does have a lot to say when it comes to Marxism. As one of Marx’s earliest critics, his excerpt on this topic really lets him share his perspective. This excerpt really doesn’t go too much into detail of Marxism but basically just criticizes the system. A quote I found that said a lot, “Always in the name of that ‘sovereignty of the people’ which from now on will be the platform from which all who aspire to control the masses will operate” (p.259), really shows how Bakunin saw the marxist as artificial and believed these people to be power hungry dictators. They were extremely patriotic and worshiped their government on a shrine. Bakunin continues on to refer to Marxist states as Marxist prisons. He stands firm that he believes Marxism is a a complete phony and deceiving  art towards the masses that just dominates and imprisons the people.

On the other hand, there is Fabian Socialism, this society sought for a form of socialism but instead of through revolution which was more Marx, through a more peaceful approach. The Fabians slogan for this socialism was, Gradualism. Fabians “sought to bring about socialism not by revolution but gradually and peacefully gaining public influence and popular support”(p. 270). This group were more romantic and wanted a trust between government and the people. George Shaw makes it seem as if this society were more pure and innoncent.

These two societies are similar in that they both do have a focus on some form of socialism. Marxism seemed as though they promoted socialist laws and looked out for the wealthy as well as the laborers, but mostly was pointed out that they wore mask and basically exploited the people. Fabian Socialism which still exist today, seemed like they really did have the interests of all people in mind and was a much trustworthy and loyal system to follow.

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3 Responses to Danielle’s Blog Post #3: Q2

  1. kpjb2013 says:

    Danielle, I agree with your interpretation of Bakunin and Shaw, and your choice to compare and contrast them makes a lot of sense because they represent two ends of the Communist/Socialist ideological spectrum. I don’t think we have seen any examples of a regime in this world that would make Bakunin happy, but do you think there have been particular regimes or governments that embody some Shaw’s main ideals? I was thinking perhaps of some European countries that have at times embraced a strongly socialist version of social democracy.

  2. dennyk2013 says:

    It seems that socialism isn’t bad but it really depends on the type of socialism a society decides to practice. I always though socialism as an oppressing and a form of dictatorship. The fabian society shows that socialism can be done peacefully. Good read

  3. 1drod says:


    I share the same perspective, I’ve always learned about socialist structures that were dark and unjust. Shaw really does give a brighter outlook to this socialism, but I really wonder on the effectiveness of this on a society.

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