Final Post-Denny

Over the course of our summer session learning about global politics, I learned a lot about different governments and I took away more than that.  Seeing how it was an online class, I had to take the time out of my busy schedule to complete the work that was given, and it helped me improve my time management skills.  Subject wise, I learned that a lot of governments impact the way the citizens think and believe is right or wrong.  I do not think it is a bad thing, because that is what shapes the cultures and ideologies of each nation.  I like that we were given articles to different nations every week that lets us understand different kinds of governing systems.  It was really useful to me because I think that everyone should know about their political system and be informed about it.  I think it was a shame that our class size was very small, I wanted to see what other political system there were if we had more students taking this class.  I would recommend this class even if it was not online.  I actually wish we had class in person, I would be more engaged in the topic than I am now.  

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