Danielle’s Reflection

I have learned so much from taking this course. First off, I really liked the course format and organizational structure. The prezi’s were so helpful and the utilization of Laulima unlike other online courses I’ve taken, really really helped. The resources were so accessible and I found O’Neils book as very interesting and very valuable to out of all the sources. From the class, I’m definitely leaving with such an expanded mind on these topics. Especially since I will be taking five more Political Science 300 level classes this fall, this really has helped me understand important information and terms. I was able to learn about Sodaro’s 4 faces of democracy. I was able to learn a lot through case studies. The United Kingdom was so fascinating to me cause prior to this class I only ever understood about US democracy, I never took a second to think about other forms of government and how they really work. I learned about Prime Ministers and their roles. I found the PMQ’s to be so fascinating, I wish we did that here with our presidents. I learned of a completely new concept for me, Fabian Socialism, a socialist society with a peaceful approach through gradualism. I learned what Fascism really is and its complete dedication to the state. And then I got to see a little into Iran’s current state; their issues internal and external. With all the newly learned knowledge, it really has impacted my understanding of politics. I would hear people say comments such as someone being a communists or a nazi and would understand the surface meaning, but not really the complete background into these terms. This course information will really be useful to me for my future. I will be continuing a minor in this field so this class gave me a great foundation of understanding. Also I feel I can carry on better conversations about politics learned from this class being that I feel confident in what I’ve learned.


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