Denny week 8 posting

1.  What is the role of regime type in development?  Is regime type actually important, or do we just want it to be important?

                The role of regime in the developmental stage is to provide structure and organizational means to developing countries.  Regime types can vary from monarchies, to military dictatorships, but it all depends on the countries beliefs, religious views, and their culture (MJS, 316). 

                I say regime is important because, it gives the public belief that the government has a structure and will follow it through until it becomes successful.  Rather than, not having a sort of regime would lead to people questioning the government if they know what they are doing.  Having a regime gives the respective nation an identity to build on but as stated earlier, it can vary based off their culture and beliefs of the majority population.  There is no one regime that is considered as a successful one or a failure.  “Under certain conditions ( such as a well-planned export strategy and a robust private sector), an authoritarian regime can successfully promote a vigorous economic development policy”(MJS, 319), shows that even a harsh structure like South Korea has can become successful to becoming the country they are today.  Ultimately a regime is important in the sense a nation would want to have structure in their government and not collapse on top of what they do not have.

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One Response to Denny week 8 posting

  1. 1drod says:

    I agree in that regimes to help build up to a structured and organizational base for developing countries. It is the building block to a nation/state and helps to build off of what has worked for regions to become something even greater. It does give each nation a unique identity and culture and really helps in understanding a nations present.

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