Danielle’s Blog Post #7: Q2

Futurama really does a great job of showing the situation in the less developed countries. Although it’s seems a major exaggeration and satirical topic, but the truth of the matter is, those instances and occurrences on the episode are so true today.

As the nobodies enter the “third world” to dispose of their developed countries waste, the audience can see the waste surrounding the world. There is garbage in the planets atmosphere. Also there is toxic smoke coming from the factories that kills a bird, the air and the water is toxic. And even more important to see is how the tiny children are doing horrific work through all the waste. It even refers to maltreatment of the children by getting whipped.

This episode goes to show how “third world” countries are doing all the dirty work for the more developed countries. MJS confirms what these underdeveloped countries are like, “Although the newly industrializing countries are considered developing countries, most countries in the developing world are considerably worse off” (p. 321). From the paper, we can learn the horrific dimensions the people live by. Many of the workers, illegally-aged working children and adults, had to survive off of $1 a day! A grim statistic for these workers is that they are 5 times more likely to die before the age of 5. 100 million of these people have no permanent homes or shelters. 800 million of them are malnourished and 18 million of these ultimately end up dead because so, this turns up to 18 million deaths per day! 75% of these deaths are below 5 years old. Because children are put through such hard labour, and receive malnutrition, they suffer long term effects such as irreparable brain damage. There are a multitude of reasons of why these countries remain stagnate and haven’t overcome underdevelopment, one possible reason is the fact that the more developed countries take advantage of their situation, utilize them for globalization since these third worlds must become dependent on them to assist in survival. We exploit them for the industrial work, their cheap labor, and dependency on us that allows us(more developed countries) to achieve globalization.


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2 Responses to Danielle’s Blog Post #7: Q2

  1. dennyk2013 says:

    I agree that Futurama does a great job in showing viewers the issues with the world today. It is so similar to how we use the 3rd world countries as a dumping site as futurama uses 3rd world planets. If you look into it deeper, many shows demonstrates issues we see today as a nation and as a whole of the planet.

  2. 1drod says:

    I agree. Much of television and movies do have deeper meanings to the media, I just wonder if people actually stop and realize the message getting sent. Do they just sit and consume the media without actually truly consuming it? I think that people are not as observant as we’d like to think, but I’m hopeful as they grow and learn, they develop a side that looks deeper into media messages.

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