Danielle’s Blog Post #6: Article 3

Carol Williams article, Iran president-elect hints at need for nuclear sanctions relief, does give us insight into their political culture that relates to the readings from this week. This article tells us about Iran and more into their president-elect, Hassan Rouhani. It gives us a look into what Rouhani wants for the country and how he feels about his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Rouhanis pledged through his campaign to target unemployment and inflation, a large issue since Iran’s sever sanctions which have limited international oil sales because of nuclear negotiations. This shows that the institution is definitely not at its best. They are definitely suffering with the sanctions which have now lowered the value of Iranian currency by two-thirds and caused an annual inflation of 30%-40%. The people are definitely being affected negatively. The political climate is intense, Rouhani is pledging and promising to increase minimum wages and bring Iran to a better place by first addressing issues within the government and parliament. This article definitely does bring light to Iran’s international relations. Because of the nuclear negotiations and the United Nations(UN) expectations of Iran, it has caused some strain and tension between the United Statesa and UN.

Page 347 of O’Neils Iran chapter, gives great background into the internation nuclear conflict. “The United States has favored a much harder line toward Iran, warning it to abandon its nuclear program or face serious consequences” (p. 347). In the 1970’s Iran developed a plan for nuclear energy but solely for peaceful purposes. In the 1980’s, Iran began further research into nuclear weaponry…”Even though Iran is signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT), there is widespread evidence that it has been pursuing several steps to produce enriched plutonium and uranium, necessary ingredients for making a nuclear weapon” (p.347). This was all done without approval and behind the NPT’s back. Since then, Iran has been pushing limits and attempting to make assertions that they will continue their projects. Europe and the US are both very concerned with Irans research and are still today trying to negotiate an agreement.

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2 Responses to Danielle’s Blog Post #6: Article 3

  1. dennyk2013 says:

    I am not usually a fan of people being called out publicly but if it is for the greater good of a nation, then Rouhani has all the reason too. I think Iran is in good hands after this year if things go according to Rouhani’s plans.

  2. 1drod says:

    I think Rouhani has a lot of work and fixing up to do internationally before he can even get to domestic issues being that its caused by the consequences of not following the UN regulation in the first place. If he resolves that, the sanctions could then be lifted and then he could shift focus onto local issues. I think it’ll be a long while before we see any noticeable change, but I’m definitely in hopes that Rouhani stays on track and is a step towards the right direction.

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