Week 6 Blog-Denny

1.  In “Mother’s Day,” Mother tries to become the ruler of the world.  As we saw earlier in the semester, the “world” in Futurama has elections to choose its leader.  Why does Mother choose to establish power in the way that she does?  What sort of regime does she establish?  How does she establish support?

            In the Futurama episode “Mother’s Day,” Mom uses her robot creations to rebel against the human race, and would not stop until she became ruler of the earth.  In this episode, you can see the robots are controlled by mother and they do as she plans.  This looks a lot like a play on the communist revolution as it showed many portrayals of the Marxist ideas.

            Mother established power this way because she wanted absolute power.  In order to establish an army of followers, she created a capitalist regime.  She basically created all the machinery that society uses daily, then turns it against them.  She was able to use the cities resources to her advantage, which ultimately was hers to begin with.

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One Response to Week 6 Blog-Denny

  1. 1drod says:

    Mother definitely did want absolute power, and although it’s a horrible idea but it was definitely a genius way to build this strong capitalist regime. All she needed was to press a little button and all machinery on earth obeyed her with no questions asked. It’s a crazy topic to think of with all the upcoming technology, I’ve seen several YouTube videos of robots like the ones on Futurama and I wonder if this technology will ever take off and if the future will be like those movies and tv episodes we’ve seen with a world of people and robots.

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