Danielle’s Blog Post #4: Q2

When it comes to similarities between China and the US there is just one general area I can think of that shines. These two countries are both powerhouse institutions. They are economic giants in the globe. China is now one of the fastest developing countries in the globe growing at large rates in the past thirty years. Harvey explains, “While the devaluation sparked something of an internal inflationary crisis, it paved the way for massive growth in trade and of capital inflows that have now positioned China as the world’s most dynamic and successful economy” (p. 135). The US has been a powerhouse for much longer through its free market, foreign trade, and broad developments, but the only difference when it comes to these economic giants, is that the US has somewhat stagnated in our economy whereas China seems to be developing even more.

While there are large differences in our institutions, the most obvious is the political structure. China has dual type of system, party-state system. It’s a highly centralized power structure that O’Neil discusses, “It means the political authority flows from the party elite to those within the party, the state, and society, who are expected to submit to this authority” (p. 244). With this comes some complications of power. With such a large country that has so many levels of power and rule, it allows for corruption and exploitation, mostly in the smaller villages/provinces. Along with these complications with the institution, there comes the issue of the gap between classes. Urban population grows more economically while rural areas are left growing much slower leaving a gap of inequality. The US is constitutional republic, a democracy where power is shared between three branches. It’s definitely a more structured and stricter government that doesn’t allow as much leeway for corruption and experimentation as does China.  

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2 Responses to Danielle’s Blog Post #4: Q2

  1. dennyk2013 says:

    Even though both countries have a different political system, I didn’t realize how similar they could be as well. Even though US has their fair share of corruption in the government, it is not so apparent as opposed to the Chinese government. China has the tendency to have officials paid off, therefore granting rich people even more power, as US may have done that, but it is not known to the public.

  2. 1drod says:

    I agree, and it’s a perfect topic since the recent IRS scandal that exploded all over the news. This definitely made public and really did make America question our government and even our presidents involvement in the issue. Also, many are discussing corruption through racial discrimination in regards to the Trayvon Martin case, arguing that if the victim had been a caucasian, the punishment and penalties would have been given with no questions asked.

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