Denny Week 3 Blog Post

Do you think the Scottish should vote for independence? Why or why not?

                Scotland and England came together as a union over 300 years ago and have been prosperous over that period of time.  I do not see why Scotland wants to break off to weaken themselves, as well as England as a nation.  In the guardian article that was presented to us, all arguments point to leaving Scotland as a pivotal nation under the Britain flag.  UK prime minister David Cameron cited that, “There is no challenge the country is facing to which breaking up Britain is the right answer”(Guardian, 2013).  This is why I think the Scottish should not vote for independence.  Scottish is considered its own territory and everything, but once it heads into world affairs, they are not as strong alone than as Great Britain together with England.

                I do understand where Scottish national party leader is coming from, where they want to be their own entity and only depend on their own nation.  In my opinion, if Scotland were to depart from Great Britain, not only will England become weaker economically but so will the Scottish.  David Cameron is proposing that with Scotland, Britain will become dynamic, prosperous, and among other things.  Cameron wants, “a Britain that is not just competing in the global race but winning in the world; a country where we are pulling together, not apart” (Guardian, 2013).  This is why I do not think the Scottish should vote for their independence, because Scotland is a pivotal part of the United Kingdoms Success.

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One Response to Denny Week 3 Blog Post

  1. 1drod says:

    I completely agree with you when discussing Scotland in global affairs, not being as strong as they would be with Great Britain. This is a very important factor to consider when seeking independence and looking at the bigger picture. Together, I do feel they are stronger, which is why I don’t see how after knowing 1. they wont be as strong in global affairs(which is huge!) and 2. They’re stronger with Great Britain(Strength is very important!), why they would want to put their territory through that drastic change.

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