Danielle’s Blog Post #2: Q2

I find these Prime Minister Question (PMQ) meetings to be so surprising. Prior to this weeks readings and lecture, I really didn’t know too much into the British Parliamentary. I understood the main role of Prime Ministers, but wasn’t aware of the background into elections nor some weekly roles they play, such as those PMQs conferences. Upon learning, I immediately compared this event and role being placed upon our president of the US, and felt a feeling of offense. It’s so crazy to me to learn that cabinet members meet twice a week to question and basically grill their leader, while being televised! But in doing so, I think the main role is just to make sure their leader is still on top of things and guided. O’Neil states, “The prime minister is expected to provide national leadership” (p.38).  Also, it’s very possibly a way to show their country that the government is taking care of things and they too truly care about taking on any issues and resolving them. It’s definitely a role of security for the people by providing updates on important topics and showing concern. As for the members of parliament (MP), I definitely believe they are testing out their leader, making sure he is polished on imperative topics and issues. Additionally, they may have these sessions to make sure the PM is adequate enough to remain their leader and have strong, direct, guided and victorious responses to whatever is thrown at him.

If this was to happen in the US and to be a role applied to our presidents, I think many would be happy to witness updates, progress, and responses weekly. It would make the nation feel more secured by being able to watch this and feel much more involved and way more aware of what is happening in the white house. But then if this was to just start out of nowhere, I believe it could bring some panic. Citizens may question why this is just starting, is the system not working good enough that we now have to do this, etc. Although, in the long run I think it would really great for the US, but much tougher for future presidents with a bigger role that would be intense and stressful. Everything would be on the line and with other concerned diplomats grilling the president, many people can receive the answers they are also concerned for.


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2 Responses to Danielle’s Blog Post #2: Q2

  1. dennyk2013 says:

    I too hope that the US looks at how other nations are running their government, it gives us an update of how we are doing as a nation and also to keep the president on his toes. Of course being the President behind closed doors is already stressful enough, I think the citizens should know some details into what is going on, we voted him for a reason so we should see some progress in the 4 years they are serving us.
    But I totally love the idea of grilling the leader because everyone knows if something is wrong, they always blame the president whether it was their fault or not.

  2. 1drod says:

    Glad to see someone see’s my point. What do you think would happen if America actually requested this of our president, but just once, lets say within this next year? I’m really intrigued into this event and wonder if this would ever happen and if we Americans, if advocated greatly, could actually get the president to do this.

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