Danielle’s Blog Post #1: Q3

While this was my first time watching Futurama, I found through these disturbing images a funny yet scary outlook at the future of global politics. This episode ultimately revealed that people in the future grow less intelligent, lack ambition, and basically… we are all doomed.  Jutta Welde’s shares in Popular Culture, Science Fiction, and World Politics, “Popular culture also provides alternatives that challenge the status quo”, in this case, I see it in a dystopian view. Futurama starts off with adult characters that are uneducated on their government politics. Then continues to display cloned candidates running for presidency of the globe, it presents them debating key issues with stupidity. Answers were vague and going nowhere. Third parties were way too ridicuolous and were nonsense, and the news anchors were obviously biased. Throughout the show, the theme of one vote not making any difference came up and was taunted. It revealed ultimately that Planet Earth society is absurd, especially when Nixon decides to run and because he has a nice titanium body, he won the crowd. The television show ultimately exaggerated current conditions of politics and the nation and portrayed the dystopian end result of the world getting destroyed. Through this satirical episode, it allowed viewers to confront current issues through the way it was interpreted. Welde’s explains, “Science Fiction offers an exceptionally useful focus for analysis because it concerns itself quite self-consciously with political issues; it directly addresses issues like technological and social change, confronting contemporary verities with possible alternative”. This definitely made me rethink my understanding of the US. I feel as if I’ve always been aware of the imperfections and culture of US politics, but this episode exaggerated these issues, brought them to light and made me realize that society is being complacent when it comes to these glitches in the system, and we should probably address them if we want to better this country. This episode should make viewers rethink the US as a democracy. Democracy is supposed to give citizens rights and freedoms, where everyone is accountable for their actions. A Head in Polls really showed how media is biased and society is influenced by shiny things and popular figures. It shows how were all ultimately being deceived and fooled into believing what we are being told, but none of us really question it, hence letting those outlets have a powerful influence on our ideas and thinking. In the end of the episode, after Nixon had announced his running for presidency, he played the guitar so that he could attract his hippie voters, at the debate, the moderator favored Nixon and although he did awful with his debate, he left the debate with all the votes because of his shiny body. Why is society following this conduct, why aren’t people thinking for themselves? And another instance, in the beginning of the episode the main characters go to check out third parties, only to be told theres’ no point in siding with a third party because they are for mutants. This made me think of the current conditions where people mostly decide to go republican or democratic. Why is that? There are so much more parties that may pertain to many individuals own ambitions and beliefs? Why are we choosing between only 2 sides and most likely compromising our own beliefs to follow one of the two popular parties? If everyone made more individualized, less influence decision, maybe there could be a future possibility of a third or even more parties becoming actual competitors for elections.

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2 Responses to Danielle’s Blog Post #1: Q3

  1. dennyk2013 says:

    It is as much a political campaign as a marketing campaign. As exaggerated as it is, American politicians (or any politician for that matter) will do anything to gain more votes to a certain extent. Of course it is not futurama ridiculous, but it is true that they try to influence you by doing things that are not even related to the issues presented. I know in some shows that display political campaigns, people always talk about the issues are not enough and they need flash as well. Maybe it is the voters fault that do not care about the issues and more about what would benefit them if they were to vote for a specific politician. Maybe it isn’t their fault but us as voters. I don’t know, but politicians DO need to get their act together and show some results.

  2. 1drod says:

    Yes, I do believe its up to us to figure out whats right or wrong from the information were getting out there. I think to address it, we should look at both sides, right and left winged news. Then we could see how the stories are being shared and edited, we can see both sides and then proceed to do some research of our own to get the entire full story and then make judgments of our own based on all of the knowledge accumulated.

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