Denny’s Week 2 Post

  1. Think about the US in relation to Sodaro’s 4 faces of Democracy and his 3 basic principles (rule of law, inclusion and equality).  How does the US stack up?  Is it on the minimum or maximum side of the scale?  Are there any aspects in which the US appears to be off the scale entirely?

Face 1 of Sodaro’s 4 faces of democracy is popular sovereignty.  The means the people have the right to govern themselves.  US utilizes the voting system which lets citizens vote for who they want to serve their country, therefore citizens have almost all rights except to govern themselves.  Face 2 demonstrates liberties and rights, where freedom is guaranteed by law.  The US have strong rights and liberties because all citizens are guaranteed by law to practice their freedom rights.  Even during sovereignty and majority rules, a citizen’s right cannot be taken away.  Face 3 is what the US practices in their own government, democratic values.  Equal opportunity is what these values are all about.  Face 4 works with face 3 which explains the concepts of economic democracy.  Without economic democracy, democratic values would not have anything to base their equal judgments on.  The US includes face 2,3,4 but not much of face 1.

“Prior to World War II only a handful of countries, mainly Western Europe, managed to establish governments based on the rule of law.”  This exemplifies  that It was hard to start a democracy in the earlier years as shown in the next sentence, “Most of them failed to last very long, succumbing to the authoritarian forces of unconstrained state power.”  Many other types of governments came in to ruin democracy such as fascism, and the Nazi army.   The United States held on to democracy strongly, and that is why they could become a powerful country at the time.

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One Response to Denny’s Week 2 Post

  1. 1drod says:

    You gave a great summary into Sodaros 4 faces of democracy. I kind of agree with your example into Face 1, people have the right to govern themselves, voting does go into this, but there is a much larger picture into this. We follow the standards give us, the bills the government write up, I feel we really don’t have a deep say into what goes on, we just advocate for a main issue and see what the government comprises for us. I see how sometime, much of the people aren’t fully satisfied with the outcome, but I don’t truly believe we govern ourselves. I feel are governing is compromised.

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